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Promoting Spontaneous Speech in Autism � Behavioral Therapies and/or BHB?

One key issue for most people with more severe autism (DSM5 level 3, any DSM3, or just SDA � Strictly Defined Autism) is getting them to fully use their capacity to communicate. Many such people do learn to talk, but often this is a very matter of fact kind of speech, that is limited to answering questions and making requests. Often the limiting factor is not vocabulary, grammar or vocalization. Many can put ideas in words on paper, they can sing and read aloud; but something is lacking when it comes to conversation. You can use behavioral therapy (like Verbal Behavior, VB) and some of the more relevant parts of speech therapy to encourage more extensive speech, but it is a real slog. When you spend less time on 1:1 �speech training�, in order to develop academic school work, you end up with less speech. I was discussing this with Monty�s assistants, the need to take a step back and refocus on speech as a skill, in addition to regular school work.It is good to be able to master algebra, b…

Ketones and Autism Part 2 - Ketones as a Brain Fuel to treat Alzheimer�s, GLUT1 Deficiency and perhaps more

Today�s post looks at the role ketones can play as a fuel for the brain.
The research has already shown that in young babies there is insufficient glucose to fuel their power-hungry growing brains and so ketones provide up to 40% of the fuel to their brains. Glucose or Ketones at the pump?
This does show any sceptics that you can indeed safely combine two sources of fuel at the same time in humans; we have all done it. This process works in tiny babies because their diet is rich in medium chain fatty acids, which become the ketones. Only mitochondria in your brain and your muscles can be fuelled by ketones; some elite athletes take advantage of this. People who are overweight have excess adipose tissue (fat) and when in ketosis, fatty acids from this tissue are released into your blood and travel to the liver where they produce ketones. Mitochondria can also burn fatty acids directly. People losing weight on the ketogenic diet are burning fat and ketones as their main fuel source. To lose w…