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Autism and Aspartic Acid - N-acetylaspartate (NAA), AGC1, CREB and EAAT1/2

Aspartic acid is a metabolite of the sweetener Aspartame; not a surprise when you taste it
Today�s post is about the amino acid aspartic acid, which our reader Tyler has been supplementing. The short version of this post would answer the question should we all follow Tyler and supplement L-Aspartic acid? I guess the answer is that it is well worth a trial. There is a great deal of complex science showing that aspartic acid is dysfunctional in autism, but we cannot prove that supplemental aspartic acid corrects these dysfunctions. Supplemental aspartic acid will have other effects and it may be these that are beneficial in Tyler�s case and possibly yours. Correcting the core dysfunctions relating to Aspartic acid would be very helpful, if it were possible.You could write an entire book just about the contents of today�s post, so for most people understanding all of it will take quite some time.

You can read Tyler�s many comments on this subject by entering the following into google.