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Memantine � yet another failed Autism Trial

Memantine (Namenda/ Ebixa) is an Alzheimer�s drug that has been used off-label in autism for many years; but does it actually work?
More than a thousand people with autism have completed clinical trials and yet more trials are in progress. 
A few years ago, at the FDA�s request, the producer of the drug, Forest Laboratories, funded two clinical trials enrolling 903 children with autism.  The results were never fully published because the trials were deemed to have failed to find any positive effect and a note to reflect this is included in each pack of Namenda.
A quick look at website shows yet more autism trials in the pipeline.

What is going on?
When Dr Chez made a trial in 2007 he found Memantine to be effective; he has since moved on to stem cell therapy which he also finds to be effective.
The latest study to be published includes Dr Hardan from Stanford, who published that study showing NAC to be effective in autism.  This time his study shows no positive effect.

Autism, Allergies and Summertime Raging in 2016

This time of year many parents in the northern hemisphere are looking up �autism and allergy� on Google and more than 20,000 have ended up at my post from 2013 on this subject.

Not just for Stomach Health

It is clear that many people have noticed that allergy makes autism worse, even if your family doctor might think you are imagining it.

This year, thanks to our reader Alli from Switzerland, there is a new innovation in my therapy for Monty, now aged 13 with ASD.  Now we are firm believers in a specific probiotic bacteria to dampen the immune system (more IL-10, less IL-6 and likely more regulatory T cells) and minimize the development of pollen allergy and all its consequences.

There is a wide range of H1 antihistamines, mast cell stabilizers and inhaled steroids available and many readers of this blog are using a combination of some or all of these to control allergy and mast cell activation.
By using the Bio Gaia probiotic bacteria the magnitude of the allergic response to allergens is…

Ongoing Clinical Trial of Vivomixx Probiotic in Children with Autism

Since there is now interest in the potential benefit of probiotic bacteria to treat some autism, I wanted to point out that there actually is a clinical trial underway in Italy.  It is funded the Italian Ministry of Health and by the Tuscany Region.  They use Vivomixx, an OTC probiotic from the Italian speaking region of Switzerland.

Vivomixx contains:Streptococcus thermophilusDSM 24731,bifidobacteria(B. breveDSM 24732,B. longumDSM 24736,B. infantisDSM 24737)
lactobacilli(L. acidophilusDSM 24735,L. plantarumDSM 24730,L. paracaseiDSM 24733,L. delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricusDSM 24734).

Before you start wondering, it is not cheap; the Swiss do not do cheap.
There is a detailed explanation of the trial in the full version of the paper below.  It is due to be completed at the end of 2017.
Vivomixx is virtually identical to a well known expensive probiotic called VCL#3, which has been used in research.  Due to some dispute the originator of VCL#3 started a new company which now sells Vivomixx.  In…

Biogaia Trial for Inflammatory Autism Subtypes

UPDATE: A significant minority of parents report negative reaction to Bio Gaia, this seems to relate to histamine; but more than 50% report very positive effects without any side effects; so best to try a very small dose initially to see if it is not well tolerated. Histamine Reaction to Bio Gaia gastrus

Alli, our reader from Switzerland, has established that a large daily dose (5 tablets a day, cycled 3 weeks on and 3 weeks off) of the Biogaia Gastrus probiotic has a positive effect on the inflammatory sub-type of her son�s autism and also in other people she has shared her therapy with.  There is plenty of science to support its use.
In earlier posts I looked at a different probiotic bacteria (Clostridium butyricum Miyairi 588) that is widely used in animals to improve auto-immune health.  That bacteria is used in humans, but as is the case with BioGaia Gastrus, the focus is on stomach health not auto immunity.  Nobody has proposed an effective dose of Miyairi 588 in human autism; I h…