Life Inshorance

List of 45 Life insurance:-
Here is a list of 45 of the top life insurance blogs. These sites are generally linked to advertising by life insurance companies using the informative blogs as a way to promote their sales of life insurance policies. All of these blogs share vital life insurance policy information that any life insurance consumer would want to know of, including definitions of all of the various types of life insurance policies available as well as free quotes.
  1. Better health means better rates, but you still need to compare Underwriting departments are changing their views on the rigid height/weight guidelines that modern health has been proving to be outmoded.

  2. Saving you Money for Life Eight ways to save money on life insurance.

  3. InsWeb�s Insurance Blog A list of insurance blogs.

  4. Busting The Top 10 Insurance Myths A list of the top ten insurance myths.

  5. Why life insurance matters A blog explaining why people need life insurance and how to find it on the internet.

  6. Term Life Insurance How to find the best offers for life insurance from unbiased professionals.

  7. 10 Easy Ways to Minimize Your Life Insurance Premiums A list of ten ways of finding the best life insurance rates.

  8. Cheap Life Insurance Rates How to get the cheapest life insurance rates. Includes an explanation of term and whole life insurance.

  9. Life Insurance Selling � Field-tested solutions for today�s strategic producer Advice for life insurance salespersons.

  10. LIFE INSURANCE AND CRITICAL ILLNESS COVERAGE A group of links for the best deals in life insurance coverage.

  11. Affordable Whole Life Insurance An explanation of whole life insurance and some top woutes for purchasing it.

  12. Life Insurance Answers How much do you need? How much does it cost? Also includes ten tips on life insurance.

  13. FREE Insurance Quotes and Rate . A [age that sets out to deliver the best policies and rates for life insurance.

  14. theSelection : Why Life Insurance A large list of life insurance companies and why you should have a policy.

  15. Life Insurance, Term Life Insurance Quotes Life insurance quotes and information.

  16. Life Insurance Law Blog An interesting article about what is wanted from life insurance regulators.

  17. New Consumer Protection Law in MA Policy law changes put more pressure on the insurer to be aware of the life insurance consumer�s health.

  18. New York Life Insurance A review of one of the biggest life insurance companies.

  19. Life Insurance Blog A blog with many informative articles about life insurance.

  20. Term Life Insurance Quotes & Rates Guide to comparing term life insurance quotes.

  21. Select Best Life Insurance Plan A collection of links to sites to help you decide on the best life insurance plans.

  22. About Density and Penetration of Life Insurance in Europe A review of the life insurance market in Europe.

  23. Life insurance Wal-mart is sued over �dead peasant� collections on life insurance. �Dead peasant� life insurance claims are corporate held life insurance policy issuer, such as Wal-mart, gets a share of the policy money.

  24. Florida Insurance Law Blog ACE insurance posts 27% increased profit; cites more efficient underwriting.

  25. Life Insurance Compliance & Regulation Law Blog A blog set up to speak about life insurance compliance and regulation.

  26. Life Insurance: Blog � Business Exchange Life insurance is more interesting recently, with faulty underwriting being the main reason for greater risk of financial loss for companies and policy holders.

  27. How to profit from term life insurance An explanation of how to profit from term life insurance.

  28. Term Life Insurance � A Simple Explanation An explanation of term life insurance � how much it is, how much you will need and other questions answered.

  29. Life Insurance without Medical Exams Quick and convenient instant approval for life insurance without medical exams. However, there are lower payouts.

  30. Advice on Term Life Quotes, Whole Life Insurance, and the Different Types of Life Insurance This blog tells of the various types of life insurance available from the best insurance companies.

  31. Term Life Insurance FAQ Some frequently asked questions about term life insurance with answers.

  32. Life Insurance Blog How to find life insurance in the state that you live in.

  33. Term Life Insurance � Quotes From the Best Life Insurance Companies with Lowest Term Life Insurance Rates A post about finding quality term life insurance for low rates.

  34. Life insurance information Common types of policies, things to consider and additional resources are shared here.

  35. What is a whole life insurance policy? An explanation of whole life insurance policies.

  36. Compare Policy rates and Benefits Be sure to understand your financial needs, compare prices with different agents and use realistic expectations.

  37. Few easy steps to save your life with Free Online Life Insurance Quote and Life Insurance Quotes Some tips about lowering your life insurance rates, such as quitting smoking and losing weight if you need to.

  38. Life Insurance Term Updates A list of blogs about life insurance terms.

  39. Everything you need to know about term life insurance. Some facts about term life insurance, including why it not be cheapest to buy it from your employer.

  40. About AARP Short Term Life Insurance: Insurance Information Information for fifty year old plus people that need to understand how short term insurance works.

  41. Life Insurance Blog A blog about life insurance and what you need to know about it.

  42. Term Life Insurance U.S. � Term, Universal, & Return of Premium Life Insurance An explanation of how to maximize life insurance in order to help your heirs balance out funds against inheritance taxation.

  43. Life Insurance Facts : How to Buy Variable Universal Life Insurance Variable universal life insurance is a risky venture as an investment as the policy�s value is determined by the insurance company�s investments.

  44. Biggest life insurance companies, you save 30%, instant online quote! A list of different types of insurance companies, different types of policies, buying life insurance, and an FAQ about life insurance.

  45. Special Section: What�s hot in life insurance? Of course people will always want life insurance to cover burial expenses, take care of debt, and perhaps have money left over for the bereaved�s benefit � but there is a new catch phrase among life insurance brokers, �life insurance in case you live.� Many people are looking forward to seeing term life insurance policies mature and they are being viewed as an investment more frequently.

Gold Loans

Manappuram Gold Loans :-

Stock information:


Traded Qty.
Market Cap.
(Rs. Billion)

Services :

Gold Loan / Loan Against Gold:

Loan against Gold Ornaments

Why do you go for Personal or Business loan? If you have gold !!!! Get loan against gold within a minute.
Avail Loan up to 1 Crore
  • Pledge your Gold Ornaments or Jewellery and draw cash against it.

  • Depending on the net weight and purity of the gold, cash will be disbursed.

  • We have various schemes that will enable you to make your favourable choice !

Attractive Feautures
atrtractive feautures
  • Loan availed in 5 minutes.

  • When disbursing Gold Loan, we only require any ONE of your recent ID: Voter ID, Ration Card, Driving License or Passport. No other documents are required from you that can be time consuming.

  • Pay interest only for the number of days your pledge is maintained with us.

  • Various schemes for your needs and to suit all income groups.

  • No other hidden charges.

  • No end use restriction.

  • No up-front fees.

  • No application fees.

Extended Services
Sunday open
Sunday and Overnight Loan facility
Please visit your nearest branch of Manappuram Finance to avail Gold Loan.
Branch Contact 
For getting details of our Branch Network, log on to :
SMS GLOAN to 56070
Customer Service / Gold Loan Department
Mr. Hari P K (AGM) / Lijo (AM) / Manikandan R (SM)
Mob: 099466 21999 / 096058 47026 / 095671 56006

Money transfer :

We act as agent to the below Money Exchanges for Money Transfer`s Inward Remittance

We have tied up with HDFC Bank and Axis Bank for Money Transfer`s Outward Remittance facility.

branch network
Branch Network
For our branch network, log on to
If you face difficulties visiting or contacting any of our branch, contact our Money Transfer Department.

Money Transfer Department 
Phone: (0487) 3050 286, 325 8746 

Gold coins:
Attractive Features
  • Gold coin with tamper-proof packing - that is ideal for gifting.

  • 24 and 22 Carat hallmarked gold coins.

  • Available in 1, 2, 4, 8 and 10 grams.

  • We design according to your specification.

  • Buy back guarantee.

  • Competitive rate.

  • Also available through Swarnanidhi installment scheme.

  • Price depends on daily market value.

  • Advance booking facility.

Swarnanidhi Scheme
Purchase Gold Coins
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How To Find The Best Home Loan For You

To help you make sure you are choosing the best home loan for your needs, consider some common choices you will need to make, and how those choices can save you money and make your loan easier to manage. To find the best home loan for you consider options such as:
  • Are you buying an investment property or are you an owner occupier? Whether you are buying a home as an investment or as your own home can affect grants you are eligible for, for example and how you manage your repayments and interest at tax time. However there can also be significant differences between home loans and residential investment loans so make sure you are comparing the right type of loan were your needs.

  • Choosing the best loan term. It is easy to find a loan which allows you to make additional repayments at no extra cost however it can also pay to take the time to consider how much faster of those extra repayments will allow you to repay your home loan. For example if he intends to pay off your loan in 20 years, don�t choose a loan term of 30 years because you may be charged for discharging your loan early and these fees can sometimes can do all of the good work you�ve done in making extra repayments.

  • Interest only repayments or principal and interest repayments. Making interest only repayments is usually an option popular with investors because these interest repayments are tax deductible and so over the course of the year investors can get back all the money paid into the loan. You may also be paying only interest repayments during a construction loan if you are building a new house. This allows you to make smaller monthly repayments because you are probably still paying rent until your new house is built.

Your Borrowing Power

Lenders will take several factors into consideration when deciding what they are comfortable lending and what they expect the borrower is able to repay. The lender should not be the only one doing this, however. You, as the borrower, should be making your own assessment as to what you feel you are able to comfortably pay back to the lender.
It is also very important that you have a buffer amount. Rates fluctuate and depending on the type of loan you choose, you may have to make payments that are higher than expected. A good rule of thumb is to expect the rates to go up at 2%. Make sure you have enough money to make payments that include those extra interest rate percentage points.

Different Types of Home Loans

Introductory Loans
These are also referred to as honeymoon loans. Their object is to attract borrowers because of the low interest rate but the rate only lasts for one year. After the year has expired, the loan will go up to the current standard variable rate.
BORROWER BEWARE: Please note that there are usually penalties for terminating your loan early. If you want to refinance your loan to a lower rate, there are various fees that you will need to take into consideration before dropping the loan.
Standard Variable-Rate Loans
This loan has a term during which time you make regular repayments. The variable aspect refers to the interest rate. This will change at certain times according to the terms of the loan.
This is the most flexible type of loan. For instance, you are able to redraw extra money you have paid into the loan. You can also switch to a fixed rate loan after a certain time period and there are few penalties if you want to refinance and switch to another loan.
Borrower�s Tip: If you decide to go with this type of loan, you can ask your lender for a discount. The typical discount can be up to 0.7% if you borrow at least $250,000 and if you borrow above and beyond $500,000 you can expect and even higher discount.
Basic Variable Rate Loans
These basic loans are also known as �no frills� loans. They offer the borrower a lowered interest rate than the one found in the standard variable rate loans but they also offer fewer features. Some of these loans can be extremely restrictive. These restrictions may include the inability to make extra mortgage repayments above the minimum repayments. It is a good idea to be certain you have one that suits your needs.
Good News: Some of these basic loans now have favourable features such as a redraw facility.
Fixed-Rate Loans
This loan has a fixed interest rate for a certain period. The term is usually one to five years. After this time period has passed, a new fixed rate is applied. Or, the loan can go back to the lender�s standard variable rate.
Fixed-rate loans can be very desirable if interest rates go up. They are extremely disappointing not to mention expensive if rates go down. Fixed-rate loans also may not allow you to make extra repayments without some sort of penalty.
BORROWER BEWARE: Take note of interest rate expectations because if interest rates are expected to rise then the fixed rate will more than likely be above the variable rate. And, if the interest rate is expected to drop then the rate could be lower. Make yourself aware of the break costs and other fees before you decide on this loan. Find particular products that allow you to make extra payments without penalty.
Split or combination loans
This loan is divided into two different parts. One part of the mortgage is a fixed-rate loan and the other part is a variable rate loan. Let�s say, for example, you have a loan that is $250,000. One part of your loan, $100,000 could be charged at a variable rate, $50,000 could be charged at a two-year fixed rate and the remaining $100,000 could be charged at a five year fixed interest rate.
Borrower�s Tip: There are some disadvantages in terms of exit fees with this loan but if you are concerned about interest rates rising, this loan is flexible and could provide you some sense of security against those expectations.
Finding the right home loan is not difficult if you have the right information and the right insider tips that will lead you in the right direction. The right loan will allow you to save the most money in the long run. Finding the best home loan is not something that can be rushed, but when you have the right tools such as our comparison tables, experienced staff and comprehensive reviews, the process can be made smoother and easier because of the range of the best home loans available in Australia the one which is best to you is just waiting to be found. Contact home loan finder for more information on the best home loans on the current market.
If as an alternative you would like to get into contact with a trusted mortgage broker to help you find the best loan for your situation you can now use Home Loan Finders Mortgage Broker Finder service to retrieve details of brokers operating in your area.
  • New South Wales mortgage brokers.

  • Queensland mortgage brokers.

  • Western Australia mortgage brokers.

  • Tasmania mortgage brokers.

  • South Australia mortgage brokers.

  • Northern Territory mortgage brokers.

  • Australian Capital Territory mortgage brokers.

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Top Six Car Insurance

ASDA Car Insurance:-
Part of the Wal-Mart group Asda Car Insurance offers to save you up to �200 off your annual premiums. Asda are newcomers to the motor insurance market and as a consequence bring a slightly different approach with some bright new ideas for drivers to consider.
Buying online means you could enjoy a further 10% discount off standard offline rates. Levels of cover range from third party to fully comprehensive, and certainly the list of features and options for the highest level of protection are impressive:
  • Loss of or damage to your car caused by fire, theft or vandalism.

  • Repair or replacement of broken glass in your car.

  • EU motoring cover option - cost approximately�2 per month

  • Damage to vehicles or property belonging to other people.

  • Legal Expenses protection - up to �50,000 cover for legal and related costs.

  • Courtesy Car - or a hire car for up to 14 days.

  • Up to 70% no claims discount for careful drivers.

  • 24-hour claims help line.

  • Approved repairers with 3-year workmanship guarantee.

  • Flexible payment options.

Contact Asda Car Insurance
Claims: 0845 300 3839.
Customer services: 0845 300 5771.
By Post: Customer Services Manager, ASDA Car Insurance, PO Box 7483, Perth, PH2 0YS. Policies are underwritten by Norwich Union Insurance Services.

Save up to 20% discount when you buy online with Aviva car insurance. Named drivers can earn their own no claims discount. Aviva can guarantee your no claims discount no matter how many claims you make (additional option)*.
STOP PRESS: Buy your new Aviva motor policy through Homeapproved and receive an extra 20% off your new quote. This offer can be used in conjunction with the existing 20% discount customers get for shopping online. This represents a whopping 40% saving - for all customers who buy their new Aviva car insurance policy online through Homeapproved!!
Aviva offer both comprehensive and third party, fire & theft cover. The company are the UK�s largest insurer. Aviva can offer lower premiums for cohabitating couples, experienced drivers & people who drive less amongst many others. It�s not just the prices that will make you happy as they also offer the following great benefits:
  • Named drivers earn their own No Claims Discount (NCD) with us - up to 70% discount

  • Great deals for more experienced drivers

  • Great deals for couples who live together

  • Lower premiums for those who drive fewer miles

  • Keep your NCD safe with our uninsured driver promise

  • Multi-car motor insurance discounts

With Aviva if you stay claim-free for 5 years, your premium will be discounted by 70%. (No claims discount applies to the risk element of the premium only, and not to any optional covers or to the first �58.25, which covers administration costs.)
The Aviva 'Uninsured Driver Promise' means that if you�re hit by an uninsured driver and it wasn't�t your fault you�re no claims discount won�t be lost � and you may be able to recover the cost of any excess you have had to pay. The promise applies to comprehensive policies where the driver of your car was not at fault for the accident.
With Aviva Direct, you get flexible, comprehensive cover from a brand you can trust. They constantly monitor the marketplace and aim to give you a good deal. Aviva prides themselves on offering their customers excellent service, whatever policy they opt for.
*If you have 5 years no claims discount and have no at fault claims in the last 3 years you can guarantee this discount for the life of your policy, no matter how many claims you make. Policyholders and any additional drivers must be over the age of 21. �220 policy excess applies. Only available for comprehensive policies. Not available for open driving policies.

The Co-operative Car Insurance is the only provider in the UK with a customer-led Ethical Engagement Policy, reflecting their customers' views on a range of ethical issues. You could save you as much as �191*. Compare their car insurance prices NOW!
With The Co-operative motor Insurance, customers get more than they expect, for less � that�s because what many insurers charge you extra for, The Co-operative Insurance include as standard. See below for a list of policy features and benefits:
  1. Up to 70% No Claim Discount.

  2. Up to 11% discount if you buy online today.

  3. Multiple levels of voluntary excess to choose from.

  4. Option to pay monthly via Direct Debit.

  5. Add UK & European Breakdown Cover for just �59.

  6. CIS Awarded Best Motor Insurance Provider 2009 by Your Money and the Platinum Motor Insurance Claims Satisfaction award 2008 by Consumer Intelligence.

  7. Courtesy car, to keep you on the road.

  8. Free accident recovery service & Free European cover for 30 days.

  9. Child car seat replacement cover

  10. Theft of keys cover

  11. Offset 20% of your car�s CO2 emissions

*Based on independent online research by Consumer Intelligence during May 2009. 10% of customers achieved this saving with The Co-operative car insurance.

 Kwik Fit Car Insurance:-
The organisation was founded in 1971 and is now one of the world's largest independent automotive parts repair and replacement specialists. An enviable reputation for trust and customer satisfaction Kwik Fit Car Insurance was a logical addition to the company's portfolio of motoring products and services.
Owned by PAI Partners Kwik fit is an insurance intermediary specialising in the car and home sectors of UK insurance. For such a relative newcomer to the motor insurance market the company can call upon a large degree of experience in customer service. In fact the Kwik Fit call centre at Uddingston, Lanarkshire, and now employs more than 800 people, handling as many as 10 million calls every year.
Their are some enticing benefits to be claimed if purchasing a policy from this intermediary: If you join their Autosave Club, you will be entitled to *10% off everything you buy from them (including motor insurance), 7% online discount, 24-hour windscreen and glass replacement helpline, �150 Personal Belongings Cover (comprehensive policy only), optional legal expenses cover, and free guaranteed courtesy car.
Your application will be profile matched against a panel of selected car insurance companies to determine the best combination of cover and premium. You have the opportunity to choose a basic third party (fire and theft) policy or optimum fully comprehensive insurance.
Kwik-Fit use 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Encryption to encrypt any details you send them. When you are on a secure area of their site a padlock will appear at the bottom right hand corner of your browser. In addition the company also stores your data internally behind a firewall to prevent unauthorised people from gaining access to it.
Phone: Kwik Fit Car Insurance: 08000 279367
Post: Kwik Fit Car Insurance, 2 Forrest Gate, Tannochside Business Park, Uddingston, G71 5PG.
*Subject to terms and conditions.

If you are looking to obtain a new comparison motor quote, then Quotezone Car Insurance could be just what you are searching for. Compare quotations from over 80 different providers and insurers in minutes, delivering the best value for money UK policies.
Quotezone insurance comparison system is easy to use and can deliver the right motor insurance policy. They take the hassle out of filling in the same information time and again on numerous insurance web sites then writing down the prices and comparing them hours later when you have visited all the sites you can find!
  • Takes a few minutes to get a new quote

  • Search over 80 different insurers to find the cheapest quote

  • Easy to use and extremely secure

  • Independent and unbiased

  • 100% free to use

They are not an insurance broker and therefore, they do not sell insurance. Quotezone car insurance use the details you enter in their forms, subject to the terms and conditions on our terms and conditions page to get quotes from a number of uk insurance brokers, then display the results, to help you choose the best value insurance. is owned and operated by Seopa Ltd, who are a company registered in Northern Ireland, Registration Number NI46322. Seopa Ltd has its registered office at 5 Dogleap Road, Limavady, Co Londonderry, N.Ireland. BT49 9NN. Seopa is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority � Registration Number 313860.

Tesco Car Insurance:-

Maybe, you would think the ultimate deal? There is no doubt that Tesco Car Insurance policies are very competitive and provide very good levels of cover and a comprehensive range of intelligent options.
Save up to 10% with an online purchase, receive up to 70% No Claims discount if you are 50 or over (Up to 65% No Claims Discount if you�re under 50), and claim extra Tesco ClubCard points.
Any claims you may make during your period of cover with Tesco can be sorted out with one quick phone call. If you are a careful driver with a history of safe driving you can be certain of obtaining great value premiums, with a list of policy features that is hard to better:
  • All network repairs guaranteed for 3 years.

  • Temporary replacement car

  • 24 hour Accident Recovery Helpline - staffed by experts.

  • Basic business usage (eg for work) included in policies (on request)

  • 24 hour Windscreen Repair and Replacement Service (comprehensive cover only).

  • Optional Breakdown Assistance.

  • Partial payment can be made in Tesco Clubcard vouchers

  • Up to 2 additional named drivers can be added to the policy. They must also be between 17 and 79 years at the beginning of the car insurance policy.

Tesco motor insurance is administered through UK Insurance which is in turn wholly owned by the Royal Bank of Scotland.

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