Skyler's video resume

There are some wonderful people that have come into our lives as a result of having Skyler, and a couple of them we have met lately have come up with a wonderful idea. Katie and Andrew have started interviewing kids like Skyler, their family, friends, anybody who knows them and has been an influence in their lives. Then they take all of these interviews and focus on what the kid can do, distilling it down into a video resume.

They did one for Skyler that I think turned out very well, and I wanted to share it will all of you.
Let me describe the people in the video so you know who they are:
  • First person is Kathy, my wife and Skyler's mom.
  • Next guy with short black hair and soul patch is his speech therapist/technology guy, Brian.
  • Next person is Mindy, his Physical therapist with the long black hair.
  • Then comes Jenni, in the green top, who is his music therapist.
  • The guy with the glasses sitting in the office is Kevin, our old grade school principle and friend.
  • The guy up on the roof is Tom Mustin, the morning anchor for the CBS affiliate channel 4 news.
  • The guy with the ball-cap is Lonnie, his boss at Bayaud Industry
  • Of course Sky Dad makes an appearance or two...