Skyler stood up!

Big excitement today... Skyler stood up for the first time since before his surgery! He did very well. He was pretty nervous but once he was up, he stood up tall and smiled! He has never been able to stand on his own, but we need to try and get him to weightbear on his legs to keep muscles working right.

The folks in these pictures are Skylers long-time Physical Therapist Mindy holding him from behind, her student Stacey (who Skyler thinks is way cute), the ever present therapy dog Hootie, and me!

He had his Upper GI. It went well. He didn't aspirate or have any reflux during the test. The doctor said his stomach handled and moved the food well. He did aspirate a little on the swallow study so we are thickening his juice and he seems to be doing well with it. He still coughs but I think it is better. The doctors still do a lot of "hmmm" and don't have many answers for us in regards to his coughing. Maybe they will have more answers/direction for us when we get the full report next week.

Starting next week, Skyler will start working with a kid in the counselor's office delivering messages to kids throughout the school. He will also spend part of his off hour on Mondays hanging out with another student. I'm sure Janet (Skylers Aide) will be close by if they need her. Skyler said that he is excited to hang out with them. He knows both of the kids and likes them. One of kids went to Zerger Elementary with him. Hopefully it will go well. Maybe they can give us some "kid" language to put on his talker, clean "kid" language! :-)

I suppose the really big news today was.. Kate Snow was on Good Morning America! Skyler is always looking for her. She has been on all of the Networks, one of those anchor/reporters you never know when she will be on. Well, Skyler found her this morning during his channel surfing!! Very Exciting!!! Ahh, the little things in life!

Skyler is on another video tape mission. He has two pages of "script" that he wants on a new tape. Looks like we will be busy recording and editing this weekend! Always interesting!!

Take care
Have a great weekend!
Kathy and Chris

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